Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Capella : A Gift Exchange

Yesterday when I hopped out of my car to check the MYO mailbox, a tall muscular man approached me, reaching out with a hand holding what looked like a postcard. I thought he might be asking for money--an unfortunate feature of this post office. I always feel bad because I have no money to give--every penny goes to MYO.
The man said, "Tell me about your free music lessons!" So I did. He began to tell me about how all the churches in the area are hungry for musicians. The congregation and choir are singing a capella because the church can't afford to pay $350 a service for accompaniment. He asked for details on Cave9 and I gave him a stack fliers from the Nutcracker performance. He asked how many people we could take at one time. I told him that we have the occasional vanload arrive. He was almost shaking with excitement, asking if he could make copies of the flier. He said he'd bring his 9 year old son down to Cave9 this weekend to check it out. He shook his head and said it was wonderful news. I told him that, yes, it was wonderful and that we'd welcome him, his son and anyone else who walks in the door.
The gifts passing between us were intangible, but as fulfilling and meaningful as any under the tree.

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