Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stacey Monk on Reassurance

Reposting my friend Stacey's rumination on the Epic Change blog. She and I are traveling parallel paths and her thoughts today really did reassure me!

There are moments of knowing. Tonight I had one - that tingly sensation when it’s as if the universe is shouting wordlessly to tell you some massive secret.

I cry in these moments. I am now.

I don’t know how to describe this feeling, but it is bliss.

I am not sure exactly what the universe is trying to say. I take that back. I do know. Precisely.

It’s saying it knows I’m weary.
It’s saying it knows this is hard.
It’s saying, knowing it doesn’t have to, “don’t give up.” (I couldn’t if I tried.)
It’s promising help is on the horizon.

It’s saying, “what more do you want, little girl?
What more do you need?
What more do you hope for?
It’s yours.”

It’s saying “You’re going the right way.
Don’t turn back.
Keep going.
I know you’re scared.
I know some may doubt you.
I know you doubt yourself more than they possibly could.”

The universe is whispering, in it’s most comforting, reassuring possible voice:

“Good will come. I promise.
Stop pushing so hard. Let it be.”

And tonight I believe. Profoundly.

Because the universe has proven time and time again - every time I look into the face of another human and see love or yearning or light or trust or faith or hope - that good is the only possible outcome when a human heart loves so deeply, hopes so audaciously and works so hard.

I recently found out my friend Jen Lemen won $50,000 in the Name Your Dream Assignment contest to cross the globe and photograph hope.

She’s proof that good wins.

In case you had any doubt.

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