Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Abundance of Heroes

Yesterday we had an MYOCA board meeting. Disappointingly, it was not well attended. The agenda was difficult, with the final agenda item requiring us to face our funding challenges.

I came out of that meeting with two heroes: Jimmy Hrom and Craig Hultgren.

Jimmy seems to be a pessimist, but he's actually a realist. He sees the difficulties, and yet he still believes. Every time I hear him speak about our mission, I am amazed that someone else sees what I see and wants to build it, make it succeed. And he works very hard. Very hard. He is invaluable to the organization and to me.

Craig has believed from the very beginning and he is giving more time, money and energy than any reasonable person should. I can't even begin to express my appreciation.

Mrs. Bullock arrived at Hill School just as we were closing early for teacher training. She said she didn't want a guitar lesson because she hasn't been able to focus on learning music for the last month. Her son has been in the hospital for four weeks and is scheduled for heart surgery this week. She handed me $110, all in $1 bills and apologized for not having time to grab the change she'd collected. Another hero.

I came home to find this email:

Dear Jeane Goforth
I saw your e-mail and proud to say that I would love to volunteer as I can. If it doesn't conflict with my work days. My sister and recentley toured your process on pass Saturday, however we are unable to make it this Saturday because of family reasons. We would be interested in teaching the French Horn when we can and participate, in any programs you have. I haven't played many instruments after middle school and need refreshing course so I can play with the Alabama Orchestras. Are there any more music stores down in Alabama so my sister can purchase cellos and violins. I will try to talk to my former band techers, Mr.Carr;Jackson Olin, Mr. Lewis; Bush Middle to thier time as they can.
We need more people like you to keep music in our schools and around the world.

Denise Rice
Dianna Rice

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