Sunday, November 4, 2007

Two Kinds of Youth Orchestra

I've just watched the 'Tochar y Luchar' DVD for the third time. Looking into the eyes of those children, how can we not bring this here, bring it to every child?

Which is better?
A youth orchestra that impresses because the parents sought out and paid for the best instruction, the best instruments; because the students practiced many hours at their parents' behest or to satisfy their own ambition; because each member strives to be better than the others, waiting with churning stomach for the results of the latest competition.

A youth orchestra that lifts up the heart and spirit of the audience because the students can only afford to give their own heart--and give it all; because the students practice the music for the love of it and perform with passion for the beauty of it; because the orchestra members care for each other and help each other succeed.

I believe there is a place for both kinds of youth orchestra. But I also know that the second orchestra conveys significantly more benefit to its members, its audience, our society, and the world. And it's the kind that we will strive to create. Join us.

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