Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am Birmingham

Through the Terminal, I found this t-shirt which exemplifies my summer experience.

Since the first of June, I have spent many very long and hot days in the center of our metropolis, cruising between Hill Elementary, the NorthStar Ministries, the Center for Urban Missions, the Church of the Glorious Light of the Apostolic Faith, Cave9, the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and Avondale United Methodist Church.
I have associated with some of the best people I have ever met. Nick, of course. All of the Scrollworks teachers, the administrators at each of the locations, and, most especially, the children.

Each day my respect for this community has grown and deepened. As I recently told Leslie Belser, I have filled in holes in my knowledge of the people and the places--and she has helped a lot with this. Yes, Birmingham has problems. But, having lived in literally dozens of towns across the US, I know that every place does. Birmingham is a rich place to live with so much to offer--including the opportunity to help fix the problems.

Nick and I have had a roller coaster of a ride. He's been described as a sheepdog, renegade and wildcat. Yep.
We're determined to continue. There's too much to be gained and the only losses would be personal--and thus inconsequential. If you aren't already strapped in for the ride, we invite you to join us. And, Harry, please make sure you've got a good grip on your iPhone.

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