Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scrollworks Inspires

From Jaime Austria of El Sistema NYC
Inspired by you, my wife Chris has been going to the South Bronx and teaching recorders, singing and
solfege to children; she goes 3 times a week and it's done in a "storefront" church. Although
classes and lessons are held there, the music program is not tied to religion. One parent had concerns––we don't know whether negative or positive––and asked if it was a Catholic program; Chris told her that it's a music one and had no religious affiliations. Seemingly reassured, she enrolled her son.

This is the 3rd week and the children's desire and progress indicate that a continuation through the whole year and beyond would be something to aim for.

Chris needs to find teachers to take over because she goes back to her regular public school kindergarten class in the Fall.

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