Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Help STOP Piano Tears

Yesterday at Hill Elementary, we called down the 6 students from each grade that we'd selected for piano lessons. Each time, several other students came, too, hoping to be part of the class. But we had to turn them away. We only have 6 keyboards, and in one day that's about all Deborah Helms can teach. We'd have to add another piano day, but we haven't yet funded the teaching days we're already doing.

Demiah begged me to let her be in the piano class. She's interested in violin, too, but her mom told her she had to play piano because they already have one at home. They can't afford a violin. When I told her the class was full, huge tears started rolling down her cheeks. She sobbed and pleaded. My heart broke. But what can I do? All the children want to learn music and it is tragic that we can't serve every one. This is something that is good for their brains, their soul. And it's a way to enrich these children in ways far beyond material wealth.

Please help us give these children the music lessons they want so badly! We're managing to provide that for $2 per child per lesson, or $72 per child for the whole school year. If you donate $10, that's more than a month of lessons for Demiah!

DONATE HERE. This is our Facebook drive to raise the funds for the classes at Hill.

Thank you.

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