Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Definition of Life: Time to Reproduce?

Scrollworks at Cave9 is not simply exploding, it's alive and growing:

The Cleverdons have been spreading the word. Many of their friends came in to get a few lessons and check us out. Now the main floor of Cave9 is filled with music stands and lessons. I don't know how many stands we have in the red bag, but they were all in use. We ran out of chairs, with parents standing against the wall. Elliot had a break around 2:30. He commented to me on the way to get something to drink that it was the most intense hour and a half of his life. I didn't bother to point out that it had been 2 and a half hours.

Sami dropped by, offering to teach when he can and getting a quick flute lesson for his daughter. He was amazed at the noise and general chaos. Nick agreed that it looked like an impossible place to learn, but he said that when the connection is made between teacher and student and instrument, the chaos fades into the background. You can see that as you look around. Everyone is focused and intent, from youngest to oldest.

The Vestavia Hills High School Music Honor Society came through at Cave9 yesterday. Matthew Kundler taught guitar. Alex Kyle and Heather Eggleston taught flute. Nick felt bad for these two. We didn't have many budding flutes on Saturday--but they would've had a line on Friday. Matthew, on the other hand, didn't get a break until after 4, even with Nick and Elliot helping teach guitar. Sarah Collins and a friend brought by a clarinet and sax donated by VHHS families. We can definitely use these at Hill Elementary this week! We so appreciate their support!

What struck me yesterday was how the parents of both students and volunteer teachers arrive to collect them at a pre-arranged time and then have to wait...and wait. Then they try standing right beside their child. Then they try persuasion and extortion. How often are music lessons like that for either student or teacher?

The Siglers were working with AnLeia and Eric to help Eric write a song. Their mom came and stood behind for awhile, finally going back to the car because the chairs were all taken. Matthew called his mom when the line for guitar students was gone. While he was waiting, he started working with Jarrell on the piano. His mom arrived and had to wait.

Another important development: I am now having teachers and students come to me because they've worked through the beginning method books and need the next one. Or they want sheet music to sight read.

Scrollworks has become a growing, living thing. The next step is reproduction. We're having a community meeting at Cave9 on Saturday, October 11 at 6 pm to 8 pm to brainstorm how to make this happen. Please join us.

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