Saturday, November 1, 2008

Giving Thanks

I'm stunned. To find that others believe so strongly in an idea that it is no longer is mine alone, that it is being championed by a much larger community, is surprising, gratifying--and a tremendous relief. But most importantly, this means that the benefits to the children and the community are more likely to be realized. I have no special skills that can make this happen. All I have is passion. That's not enough.

Here is just a sampling of the folks who are championing MYO and Scrollworks. There are more. Many more. I am grateful to every single one. And every day I hear of someone helping us that I've never met, someone who sees the power of the idea and wants to be involved.

Rosa Hill
Rosa's grandchildren, Brian and AnLeia, are members of MYO. Brian teaches violin every weekend at Cave9. AnLeia is in the jazz ensemble and comes to Cave9 for lessons on multiple instruments.

Rosa is one of the most determined people I have ever met. She has decided that this program can help with a lot of problems she sees in her community. She doesn't have much money, but she is a powerful advocate. Rosa has visited many local agencies to pass out our literature. And then she goes back to push MYO & Scrollworks again, to make sure they are thinking about us, to find out how we can help each other.

Yesterday she brought fistfuls of tickets that she'd gotten from one agency for a performance on Sunday. She figures if she can get enough of our people there, that will make the agency take note. She went around Cave9 persuading parents to take their children to the concert.

Rosa passed out brochures at the Magic City Classic Parade and at dozens of churches. Every Saturday she takes every bit of promotional literature I have--and that's not as much as she wants.
At the community meeting, she said she was going to sit in Mayor Langford's office and stare at him until he took notice of Scrollworks. I have no doubt she will do it--and get results.

Obviously, Rosa's spirit permeates her family. Yesterday she brought along Tommie, her nephew. Tommie plays drums and offered to teach. He charged up the stairs two at a time and had the drum students learning and laughing in seconds. Rick--stretching his talents to teach percussion at my request--was relieved and impressed, shaking Tommie's hand in appreciation as we were packing up. Tommie was glowing, announcing he would be back and describing his teaching plan.

Kim Waites
Near as I can tell, Kim descended from on high to help Scrollworks. Her Music Snob Trivia Game at Bottletree has already raised hundreds of dollars for our program. She tirelessly promotes Scrollworks as an integral part of her project.
Kim dropped by Cave9 yesterday to deliver a $100 check that she collected on our behalf. She was bursting with excitement as she prepared to raffle off VIP tickets to City Stages. Her goal is to raise $1000 for Scrollworks. Wow.
I also found out through a parent that a couple of music teachers from Art's who participate in Music Snob Trivia were inspired to collect used instrument method books for us. These are very needed.

There are so many more: Craig Hultgren, Mary Lee Rice, Mary Whitley, Cindy & Ralph Nelson, the Cleverdon family, Jenny Brengelman, Anne Donaldson, Dwight Houston, Kevin Leon...all of you! Thank you, thank you so much!

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Music Snob said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jeane! Just three months ago, I graduated from UAB with a not so bargainable degree. I was not sure what I could do with a History degree besides teach but that would take another few years of school that I could not shell out the money or energy to pursue. My brainchild, Music Snob, was a God given idea that utilizes every aspect of my character; my desire to teach (it's amazing what I've taught people about music by way of our game), my desire to give via charitable action (it's amazing how organizations like yours do not stay afloat because of the lack of vehicular funding) & especially my love for entertaining (my co-host and I can get pretty slapstick on that mic during the game, people are laughing and having a good time). This may not be a lucrative venture for me but it definitely carries its weight in spiritual satisfaction! I'm glad to be a part, even if it is in a seemingly microcosmic way. We seem to be feeding in to the larger tributaries for now! I'm hoping the raffle will see a swell in our depth of giving!