Sunday, October 26, 2008

Diamond Shines Thanks to the ASO

Thanks to Meagan McCollum, Community Engagement Director of the Alabama Symphony, Diamond, Christan and Christan's mom, Teresa, and I were able to attend the family concert today. Judging from the smiles, everyone had a great time. I was delighted to find Diamond a true pleasure to escort. From Cave9, I knew that the Loftins would be good company on this beautiful fall day.

Diamond was suitably impressed by Glinda's flute playing and got a hug from the 'good witch' when we explained that Diamond is studying the flute, too. Diamond loved learning the Thriller dance and Christan joined her until the silly fun of the choreography was overwhelmed by her 13-year-old angst for being noticed.

The spooky selections on the symphony's program were all new to Daimond--except for the Funeral Dance of the Marionette, which she'd heard in a commercial. She didn't squirm at all--only danced in her seat in pure enjoyment of the music. And she asked lots of questions.

Christan studies piano at Cave9. Her mother is learning guitar. Christan has a grace about her, and a wry sense of humor. She tends to be shy, but when I push her, she will teach piano to young beginners with such gentleness and care. When I asked how she liked the concert, she said it was OK and gave that twisty smile of hers. From Christan, I'm sure that's a rousing endorsement.

Teresa really seemed to relish the day. She learned the Thriller dance. She even sat and listened to the storyteller when Christan and Diamond wanted to explore. She said she'd been by the Alys Stephens Center, but had never been inside.

While we were waiting for the concert to begin, Diamond spent a few moments carefully surveying the audience. She leaned over and whispered, "There aren't very many black people here." I grinned at her. "Yep. You're right. Let's you and I work on changing that!" She grinned back and nodded.

Thanks, Meagan! Thanks also to the ASO!

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