Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dorothy's House

Coming to Louisville has given me the chance to look back at Oz from the Kansas side of the rainbow. (Although Louisville is a gracious, almost Old World, city--quite different from Liberal, Kansas where Dorothy's House is. Not to knock Kansas, which has it's own charms.)
I have wondered if we are deluding ourselves, if Scrollworks is an impossible dream. My conclusion: It doesn't matter how difficult the dream may be to accomplish. The concept is too important, the potential benefits too great, so it must be attempted. This article in the Rhode Island Monthly reinforces that conclusion:
Joshua is fifteen years old. He decided to play the viola when he was seven, even though he had never before heard of the viola. But now, as a tenth grader, he has learned to love it and often says things like “Playing music did something to me” and “Music made me smarter.”
But I can see that reasonable, rational, practical people would think Nick and I are nuts. We will have to make the vision real before most people will believe in it half as fervently as we do.

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