Monday, February 25, 2008

Scrollworks can shine a light

From John Archibald's blog on
Birmingham, by latest census estimates, is about three-quarters black and astonishingly poor. Median household income in the city limits is $29,251 - $19,200 less than the nation's. Bessemer is just a little less segregated, while Fairfield - at 90 percent black - is a little more.

Then there are the booming suburbs, the Mountain Brooks and Vestavias, the Trussvilles. All are at least 94 percent white. All have a median household income at least twice Birmingham's. Mountain Brook's is almost 3½ times higher.

It didn't take Jim Crow or Bull Connor to get us here. We did it on our own. We don't appreciate our past. We don't see a future together. . .

. . . the No. 1 Darkest Moment in Black History? Well that was in Birmingham 1963: The Four Angels, AOL called it, the bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church.

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