Sunday, February 3, 2008

Louisville Tornado

Talked to my daughter, Molly, yesterday. Last Tuesday she was in the music school at the University of Louisville rehearsing with her accompanist for her recital when the building was hit by a tornado. Tore the roof off the lobby. They didn't realize what happened at first, but she said wind and rain were blowing through the halls. Damaged the adjacent business school, blew out all the windows on one side of a dorm and exploded two cars. She had friends who were driving to a meeting on campus. They were shocked to watch the tornado skipping across campus. It touched down in a suburb and damaged homes, including those of some of her friends.

I am very grateful that, once again, her total immersion in her music did not cause her physical harm.

From the Louisville Courier-Journal:
On the University of Louisville Belknap campus, about 70 students moved to other residence halls, their homes or hotels while windows in the Bettie Johnson Hall dormitory are replaced. About 100 windows were damaged when part of the roof of a neighboring building flew off and into the dormitory, said Cindy Hess, a university spokeswoman.

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