Friday, June 29, 2007

Alabama is culturally 'Third World'?

Twice in the last few weeks I have heard knowledgeable people comment that, when it comes to culture, Alabama is essentially Third World. I tend to react that, really, it's not that bad. But then I read articles about programs like the National System of Venezuelan Youth and Children's Orchestras and find Scotland wishing their music education was as good as Finland's:
We desperately need a national music strategy that embraces education and community; engages young people of all ages; engenders quality and high standards, and is uniform throughout the country. There are fantastic examples of this elsewhere in the world, not least in Finland. Why not seize this opportunity to assimilate all the best ideas, including the Venezuelan one, and create an all-embracing blueprint for nurturing Scotland's musical talent?

Since Birmingham can't even imagine the standards that Kenneth Walton says have been drastically lowered in Scotland, I guess I'll have to concede--and then get to work to see what can be done to change it. How about you?

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