Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rock the Boat

When it comes to staking out adjectives, we'll let MOP have 'premier' and '30-year-old', as well as 'full-length' for concerts. (Although one might ponder which conductor got in trouble for programming enough music to require an intermission.)

We'll gladly take 'brand new' and 'fresh' with 'unconventional' for concerts. (Of course, that would only apply here in Birmingham. We're 'sticks-in-the-mud' compared to the rest of the world.) We'll also take 'risky' and 'insane'. I'm sure we'll also accept the burden of 'inexperienced' and 'bumbling'. But then we'll need 'flexible' and 'fun'. Oops, I think we took too many.

Our slogan for today:
Still making waves among Birmingham's young musicians after three whole weeks.

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