Saturday, October 6, 2007

Charming Overlook

Loveland, Colorado must be the sculpture capital of the world, definitely a more glamorous claim than Alma, Arkansas grasp at spinach-related fame. I haven't seen any signs posted, but there is sculpture in every possible public nook. Yesterday my mom and I visited the big sculpture park. There was something for every taste, although these donated pieces tend toward the figurative. The controversial piece depicting three nudes in a vertical circle was moved to a discrete clearing here after an uproar after it was installed in a traffic circle.

There is a pavilion for concerts in the park, and a lovely water-born stage in the park adjacent to the community center. It would be a great place to bring our orchestras. My sister lives 30 minutes away in Estes Park. Her husband owns the Comfort Inn there. We might be able to play in Estes, too. And visit Rocky Mountain National Park. Perhaps we could visit the Rocky Ridge music camp. Several orchestra members have spent a summer there. Colorado is full of wonders. And we have a built-in network of people to help us, should we decide to visit.

It occurred to me that you may have a built-in network in some other wonderful place we might take our orchestras. It is my firm belief, having lived in more than a dozen places, that every community has something to offer. Think about it. Perhaps our orchestras can discover the hidden charms of some overlooked places and be appreciated for bringing music where others hadn't thought to go. It's all about the 'long tail' these days.

Pictures of the sculptures from yesterday are here.

The website is down. I will post more words and photos there when I can.

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