Saturday, October 13, 2007

"More Eyes to be Wise"

"When I think of all those wave functions filling space, rich in potentials, accumulating more and more possibilities as they fan out, I wonder why we limit ourselves so quickly to one idea or one structure or one perception, or to the idea that 'truth' exists in objective form. Why would we stay locked in our belief that there is one right way to do something, or one correct interpretation to a situation, when the universe demands diversity and thrives on a plurality of meaning? Why would we avoid participation and worry only about its risks, when we need more and more eyes to be wise? Why would we resist the powerful visions and futures that emerge when we come together to co-create the world? Why would we ever choose rigidity or predictability when we have been invited to be part of the generative dance of life?"

--Margaret Wheatley, "Leadership and the New Science"

This book makes so much sense to me. Yet it was first published years ago. Did I miss the part where this was the latest management fad and then faded away like all the rest?

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