Friday, October 19, 2007

A Mix of Classical Articles and More

From the Washington Post (reg req):
Post-Classical: No Coats, Ties, or Stuffed Shirts

Similar tale in Australia.

Alex Ross in the New Yorker:
The Well-tempered Web

I've started a 'clean' scratch-pad wiki for, the latest iteration of the community music school. It's really a way for Nick and I to work on this long distance, but anyone interested is very welcome to chime in.
Here's an article from the Ottowa Citizen about a similar program beginning there.

A youth orchestra festival in LA features our friends, the SBYO, among others. This festival will be the debut for the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra.

A classical (British) version of American Idol? Let's do a kinder, gentler version here in Alabama. What do you think?

The Hawaii trip:
The deadline passed for commitment. We didn't have any help from you all on this. Nick and I felt that MYO couldn't afford to pay the $500 fee and then the $50/body in December, etc, until we could get everyone together on paying for/raising funds for this trip--let alone figure out who could actually go.

Doesn't mean we won't go anywhere. We've got lots of ideas and have at least two travel agencies lined up that specialize in arranging youth orchestra tours. If you really have strong ideas about where we should go when, why don't you get involved in the planning?

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