Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Spirit of Love

I spent yesterday with my sister and her family. As I have written before, I admire them so much. They are all beautiful, hard working, dedicated, persistent. But the most striking characteristic of house and family is the love that permeates the atmosphere--love for each other, friends, community, even strangers.

We went to Lauren's cross country meet in Longmont. Lauren is a swimmer but thought the cross-training would help build strength. Strength of character, mostly, because she does not like running at all. The coach has asked her to finish the season to help the team, so she persists. My sister traversed the course many times to cheer on Lauren, the Estes Park team, and anyone else who passed by--especially those far back in the race.

Gregg and Suzanne have one of those houses where all the kids come to play. Yesterday Gregg must have moved his ladder 20 times at the request of various children: to access the zip line, to climb the bear tree, to climb other trees, to rescue children stuck in the trees. The 'orders' for lunch would've driven me nuts--'half tuna, half grilled cheese', 'tuna with no mayo', 'turkey with lettuce', milk, lemonade, water, Cheetos, Fritos, chips, oranges, apples, and freshly baked cookies.

A neighbor brought a taste of a dish she had made. A high school girl who spends several nights a week at their house arrived to dress for homecoming. Her parents, living in Longmont to care for an aging parent, arrived for photos and a report from Suzanne on the advisability of their daughter attending various homecoming events.

My sister bemoaned that she was just a "Roseann" to a friend's "Martha Stewart". My goodness, I don't even have a place on that scale! It would be great if we could live closer, but they could never come to my house. The comparison would be too painful!

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