Monday, January 7, 2008

The Jargon of the Heart

While this post may have good information, I just don't like the tone and terms. I don't want what happens at Scrollworks to be reduced to industry formula and jargon. If I ever think of getting people interested in what we're doing as 'donor acquisition and retention', it's time to quit.

Scrollworks is about people connecting with people through music. We passionately believe this can improve our community and our world. We're collecting an ever-growing group of like-minded people, equally passionate. It's growing organically, almost magically, despite (or because of?) our ignorance and naiveté.

Ever exploring for new information and like minds, I've found tiny pockets of wisdom. But I start gritting my teeth when I have to wade through clouds of pointless words: white paper, ratings, nonprofit executives, data mining, trend, transparency.

Where are the people? Where is the part where one person really listens to another person, looks them in the eye, reaches out with heart, mind, and hand?

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