Friday, January 4, 2008

News about Katelyn's Brother

Received this email this morning. We'll take up a collection at the bowling party and rehearsals.
Hello friends. As many of you already know, Christopher was diagnosed with thyroid cancer before Christmas and is recovering well from his 2 surgeries. Thanks be to God!

The next phase of the treatment will be in late Jan/early Feb and will consist of a 2 day iodine-radiation treatment where he will be in an isolation room at UAB for approx. 48 hours. After that, he cannot be around ANY other children for 5-10 days. (Misti cannot be with him either, as she is still breastfeeding Jack.) When Misti mentioned the fact that she has 7 other children at home, the doctor simply said, "Well that certainly poses a problem", but offered no suggestions.

The Yaeger family has looked into lots of alternatives on places for Christopher and his dad to stay-- The Hope Lodge, Ronald Mcdonald House, even local shelters, but all those places have shared kitchens, etc. where other children may be present. Misti called a few other places and is waiting to hear back from them and is considering taking the other 7 children with her to South Florida to stay with her parents, but that would be extremely difficult to travel that far without Mark, etc.

Ideally it would be great if Mark and Christopher could stay in a hotel close by their house, but this would be another added expense to an already high medical bill. And Mark is having to take a good bit of time off of work for all these treatments. We are hoping that those who are able could help make a donation to help defray some of the costs that go along with a hotel stay, meals, etc. (We will combine all the money received and send a card with everyone's name signed, so they would NOT know how much each person gave) Any amount big or small would be greatly appreciated and help alleviate the burden on this family. We all know how humble and gracious they are,and they would never dream of asking for anyone's help. They do not know we are doing this.
Also, if you or anyone knows of an apartment/condo or alternative lodging possibility, please let them know.

If you would like to make a donation send it to us at:
Gary and Laney Gagnon
5155 Colonial Park Rd.
B'ham, AL 35242

You can either make a check out to us, or send the $ in a sealed envelope if you prefer. We would like to get this to them within the next week or two if at all possible.

Feel free to forward this letter to anyone else you think might be interested, as we have a limited e-mail address list. If you aren't able to donate at this time...please continue to lift up this sweet family in your daily prayers!
God Bless you and your families
Gary and Laney

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