Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Casals on Teaching

For the last year, I've bombarded Nick with books to read. Now I've asked him to return the favor, choosing those books that might educate a non-musician from the recommended reading lists he has posted on his blog and on the main MYO blog.

The first book is Joys and Sorrows by Pablo Casals. It is a wonderful book, expanding my admiration, my empathy--and giving me an example to live up to.

Here's Mr. Casals' comment on teaching:
To be a teacher is to have a great responsibility. The teacher helps shape and give direction to the lives of other human beings. What is more important, graver, than that? Children and young people are our greatest treasure; when we think of them we think of the future of the world. Then consider the significance of nurturing their minds, of helping form their outlook on the world, of training and preparing them for the work that they will do. I can think of no profession more important than that of teaching.

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