Saturday, March 29, 2008

A different kind of music

Yesterday at Cave9, we met Celia and her tiny dog, Little Man. Celia stopped by on the way to and from her neighborhood errands. Little Man is a long-haired chihuahua, small enough to fit in my hand and as sweet as can be. In our conversation, Celia mentioned that she lived in public housing and that someone was threatening to take Little Man away from her because she couldn't afford heartworm pills and thus was considered to be mistreating the dog. With tears in her eyes, she explained that before she was moved to this area, she had a job and could afford the treatment. She also told us about how everyone in her family had died, most recently her sister in December. Little Man is her family.

So today I am going to arrange with my vet for Little Man to be tested for heartworms and get the necessary treatment.

Scrollworks is not just about music.

The white and brown puppy in the photo is not my dog. That is Sniper, the neighbor's dog who comes to visit every morning. Either I let him in, or he digs under the fence. He's made himself quite at home.

And the miniature dachshund on the other side keeps slipping under the gate into our yard. It's nice to be popular!

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