Sunday, March 2, 2008

Looking for a deep reservoir

Above and beyond what we've asked of you, Nick and I are going to have to ask people for money.
We are both extremely reluctant to do so.
I don't know why. I think it's because we find it so much easier to give than to take.
We've already had so many friends give in so many ways. We truly appreciate every single one of you.
It makes us uncomfortable to be needing still more.

We have really talented people helping us create and define Scrollworks. They say we will be ready to apply for grants during the fall cycle and that they will help us get there.

We are teaching at Cave9, Hill Elementary, and will begin soon at the Jazz Hall of Fame. We have funds available to pay our teachers and buy instruments--for awhile. But soon we will need more.

Nick and I are giving Scrollworks every bit of time, energy, and money that we can because we believe so deeply in what we can accomplish through this program. But Scrollworks needs more.

I figure we can do it. We can find the courage to ask others to believe as much as we do.
Nick's father fought in World War II. Going into battle requires more courage than I can imagine.
My father heard a bullet go past his ear. While working on his PhD thesis, he climbed on top of a rock fall in a mine entrance only to discover that the rocks harbored a rattlesnake nest. He was my ideal of bravery.
So we've got the genes and the examples to guide us.

We've had the courage to create the youth orchestras, with many voices telling us we shouldn't and couldn't.
We've turned a summer day dream into Scrollworks despite many (much appreciated, if ignored) cautions from reasonable people.
My guess is we'll jump off this next cliff, as well, and discover another deep reservoir of courage.

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