Sunday, April 6, 2008

Epic Change Blogs Our Life

Stacey Monk at Epic Change has articulated my life these days with this top-ten list:
  1. I get to connect – and reconnect. I can’t tell you how many old friends like the trumpet player I’ve found from as far back as fourth grade with whom I’d lost contact and how many new people I’ve met through my involvement with Epic Change. My 3rd-level network on LinkedIn surpassed 1,000,000 this week.
  2. My project deliverable is a school in Africa. Um … I used to work on projects where the next big deliverable was an offsite, a test plan, a swimlane diagram or a process diagnosis. There’s something refreshing about working on something that really matters.
  3. I’ve learned to live off of nothing (and appreciate everything). The truth is, we don’t need much; most of the world makes due with far less than I have. A little food, a $600 apartment, a student loan payment, some kibble for your dog, just enough to make the next journey, and, well, you’re done.
  4. I have limitless learning opportunities. Sanjay has never, ever coded before. But he does now. I am not a video editor. Oh, yes I am. And an accountant, a greeting card designer, photographer, graphic artist, blogger, guerilla marketer, postcard manufacturer, fundraiser, UI designer, social networker, even a charity ZUMBA instructor. If it will help, we’ll figure it out.
  5. I could talk to a wall. When I used to work in the traditional 9-5 world (or for me, 24/7), I had nothing to say at a cocktail party except “I’m so glad I’m not at work.” Now I’ve got interesting stories, the stuff lives are supposed to be made of.
  6. I get to hang out with kids. For some reason, kids weren’t often invited to meetings at my previous jobs, which is a shame. Children don’t believe in impossibility and possess an incredible sense of empathy. For this reason, they are some of our most ardent supporters and fortunately, I now often get to spend time with them, like today when I visited a classroom that had collected $85.76 from their change, allowances and tooth fairy money.
  7. I am never (EVER) bored. When I was in the 5th grade, I used to chew on my hair during reading class because I was bored. I don’t really cope well with boredom. That’s no longer a problem.
  8. I have become living proof that sleep is irrelevant. The human body is amazing. An endorphin-adrenaline cocktail with a twist of inspiration offers a glimpse of immortality.
  9. I am reminded every day that I am powerful beyond measure. 6 months. 350 people mobilized. Nearly $40,000 raised. $1000 grant awarded. 4 classrooms constructed & open. 170 smiling faces. Enough said.
  10. Best of all, I get to remind others that we are all powerful beyond measure. There’s something incredibly inspiring about awakening that little voice inside someone that reminds them that they’re capable of miracles. You are.

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Stacey Monk said...

I'm so glad this top 10 resonated with you - best of luck in your important work. I hope we'll have an opportunity to collaborate in the future!