Monday, April 28, 2008

Persistence II

I was rushing to post about something else when I read the quote from last Friday about persistence. It made me quickly reflect on the last year and changed my mind about what to write.

Thank you, Nick, for persisting with this crazy plan to form a youth orchestra that would be different. Thanks for working many, many hours and many months without a cent of recompense.

Thanks to all of the orchestra members and their parents who have made the youth orchestra a priority and have attended rehearsal consistently. You are a special group that have encouraged us at every step of the way by your very presence.

We've accomplished a lot in less than a year of existence and we will be persistent in improving every aspect of the program for next year and into the future. Feel free to give us your input on how we can do this to serve the youth musicians of Birmingham better.

And thanks to those of you so whole-heartedly supporting Scrollworks. It seems that we have begun something truly unique, which is both exciting and frightening. But we will persist!

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