Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Magic City Connections

Scrollworks at Cave9 has been discovered. I just had a call from a woman who wants to learn guitar before she turns 70. She had purchased an acoustic and then an electric guitar with the dream of making music, but never taken the first step. She is a cashier at Walmart and one of her customers gave her our flier. She'll be at Cave9 on Saturday to take a lesson from Jimmy.

Do you see the network beginning to form across the city? People are coming out, making new connections that weren't happening before--all through the simple offering of free music lessons. When I think of the people involved with Scrollworks--teachers, supporters, students--it's like someone drawing an ice cream scoop across a map of the city, curling up a bit of all the flavors into a ball, and then tossing it in a blender.

Doesn't the potential of this just give you chills?

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