Sunday, April 13, 2008

How to be rich: give all your money away!

I'm working seven days a week and it's wonderful. Every single day brings adventures and learning and special people. Yesterday at Cave9 was no exception.

The moment that blows me away is when Rashawn was leaning on my shoulder playing with an electric flyswatter as I read 'Bach, Beethoven and the Boys' outside the door. Ashari was riding a bike on the sidewalk. Lauren was also outside reading the 'Music Teacher's Survival Handbook'. From inside came the sounds of Jimmy, Travis, and Darnell jamming. Across the street at Nomad Supply they were also outside, playing digeridoo and African drums. How rich I am with barely a penny to my name. Having given it all to Scrollworks, I've gotten back these daily moments brighter than diamonds.

And my heart has been stolen by Romeo and our littlest drummers.

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