Saturday, May 31, 2008

Do You Care About Birmingham? 5 Questions

Scrollworks is a really big idea. Seriously. It will change Birmingham.
I know you don't believe me. A year ago, I wouldn't have believed me, either.
It's like the lady says in 'Tocar y Luchar' as she wipes tears from her eyes (and I am definitely paraphrasing):
'If only 10% of what they say is true, it would be wonderful, but I've come here and found it's 110% true.'
And the lady who followed Dudamel to Venezuela to decide whether to hire him for the LA Phil. When asked what surprised her most about her visit to El Sistema, she said she was astonished at how much she cried.
Why did they cry? Because this is a really big idea. It changes lives.

Scrollworks is bringing our version of El Sistema to Birmingham. And it's every bit as powerful.
If you doubt, come see it. I have no qualms inviting you because I have watched people's faces as they 'get' it.

The community is hungry for this. We've gone from nothing in February to perhaps 500 students this summer. We could easily double that. We'll be teaching at 7 locations--and have a waiting list of interested places. We even have a waiting list for teachers. What we don't have is money.

I firmly believe that there are people out there who would help us financially if they knew about us.
We just need to learn how to find them.

This morning I was reading Drew McLellan's Marketing Minute. He says:
...people only buy when they are in pain and have the money to solve that pain. When I ask someone to buy, it's not personal. If they are in pain and have the money to solve the pain, they will buy from me (assuming I can solve that pain).
How can anyone read the Birmingham News and not be in pain for our city?
Scrollworks is not just a pain reliever, it can heal the heart of this city.
Would you like to buy some of this medicine?

5 Questions:
Do you care about Birmingham?
We do. That's why we created the Metropolitan Youth Orchestras and Scrollworks.

Would you like to break down the barriers between race and class that hold Birmingham back?
Music touches every soul, crossing those barriers and bringing people together. Come to Cave9 and see.

Do the children of Birmingham deserve what the children in the barrios of Venezuela are getting?
Every child in the world deserves it, but we'll start with Birmingham.

Would you like to change the image that pops in people's minds when you say you're from Birmingham?
Our vision is to have the world bring to mind a rainbow of children working together to produce harmony in their orchestra and their community.

How much will you give to change the world?
I gave $37, 500.

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