Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Everyone is a Musical History

From John Keillor's column in the National Post, which was brought to my attention by Jaime Austria of El Sistema-NYC:
The point is that everyone of us is a musical history. Whether you were raised on Hall and Oates or Romanian zither music makes no difference. We are all built out of experiences that accumulate to form a broader perspective of contemplation, where Peking Opera can end up being compared with Brahms' choral music, or where Kanye West's tunes can be associated with Hugo Wolf's lieder. Does that sound impossible? Only people are more diverse than music. If you're listening to a Hayden string quartet and the Ramones pop into your head, or if Berlioz brings to mind Bhangra music, that's you hearing your way. And you're better for it.

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