Friday, October 24, 2008

Mother 2 Daughters

Here's today's story:
Mike flagged me down as I came out the door of Cave9. He said someone in a car had a question. The lady in the car said she would just park and come in.
Juanica came in and asked me to tell her what was going on. I told her we were offering free music lessons for ages 7 to adult. She almost fainted with delight. Her daughter, Charnell, immediately ran upstairs to do drum lessons. Juanica called her college freshman daughter in from the car just to check it out.

This woman told me she gets her hair done at the salon across the street. Many times she's heard the pounding beat of the music at Cave9, but today she saw a half dozen children climb out of a van carrying instruments and go inside. So she was curious what could be going on that would draw the interest of these children.

Juanica and her older daughter have a singing group called Mother 2 Daughters. She writes original music for them. They sang for me and it was beautiful. But she doesn't know how to play piano or notate the music. Scrollworks might be the answer.
Charnell took lessons on drums, violin and piano. Jaunica waited for piano lessons, but Mary Lee had her hands full, so she took a guitar lesson from Jimmy.

Now we're contemplating doing a performance with Mother 2 Daughters and the orchestras.

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