Friday, July 6, 2007

Can Youth Orchestra in Birmingham Have a Second Life?

I've been slow off the mark today, but Peter Drucker once again provided inspiration. Hindsight is 20/20, so I although I post the quotes that strike a chord with the past, my goal is for someone in the future to find MYO in harmony with Mr. Drucker!
"It begins with needs and ends with satisfaction. For this you need to know what the satisfactions should be for your customers...and the volunteers..What is really meaningful to them? Non-profit people must respect their customers and their donors enough to listen to their values and understand their satisfactions. The do not impose the executive's or the organization's own views and egos on those they serve."
"Non-profits are prone to become inward-looking. People are so convinced that they are doing the right thing...that they see the institution as an end in itself. But that's a bureaucracy. Soon people in the organization no longer ask: Does it service our mission? They ask: Does it fit our rules? And that not only inhibits performance, it destroys vision and dedication."

Idea fie:
The Vermont Youth Orchestra performed in Shanghai.
The visual arts have a strong prescence on Second Life. Could/should MYO be there? If so, how?

And, finally, the Donor Power Manifesto. My brain needs a bigger file cabinet. I guess and Google will do.

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