Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Two Books I Should Have Read Earlier

Quotes from Peter Drucker's 'Managing the Nonprofit Organization':
"You want people as leaders who take a great view of the agency's functions, people who take their roles seriously--not themselves seriously. Anybody in that leadership position who thinks he's a great man or a great woman will kill himself--and the agency"

"The leader is visible; he stands for the organization...Leaders set examples. The leaders have to live up to the expectations regarding their behavior...the leader represents not only what we are, but, above all, what we know we should be."

"...it needs what I call marketing responsibility, which is to take one's customers seriously. Not saying, We know what's good for them. but, What are their values? How do I reach them?"

Quotes from "Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Your Nonprofit Corporation"; by Ms. Cellaneous The Unknown Attorney:
"The minute a new board of directors is elected, it should ask for an audit of the board of directors that preceded it; and if the board is one that continues from year to year, a yearly audit of the corporation books should be made. The books should be open at each board meeting for inspection. Do not trust anyone. Do not trust your treasurer with unfailing devotion to do the right thing without any checks and balances."

"Those who are innocent and who tell the truth have nothing to fear."

(If you are involved with any kind of nonprofit--swim teams, scouts, etc., you should immediately read this book. Oh. My. Gosh!)


Anonymous said...

I am Ms. Cellaneous, The Unknown Attorney. Thank-you for your kind words. Everything in the book happens to be very true. I think you got the point of why I wrote it. I have another book out there---"The Great American Rip Off, Part I"---that you might also enjoy. Both books were written with a greater purpose in mind, if you know what I mean; but then again, since you "got it" about the 'Everything' book, I guess you know what I mean! It's scary out there in that swamp!

Jeane Goforth said...

It is, indeed, scary. And it's difficult to get anyone to pay attention to any of it. I will check out your other book. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to tell you one of the coaches in the book (the one who opened his parka for a young girl to hug him) was arrested with bail set at one million dollars; so sadly, I was right and could do nothing to stop children from being hurt or molested. The book was publihed in 2005, so you do,the math. The charges, in part were L & L with a chikld under the age of 14, and there was also an ICE charge. That boy is going down, and going to be deported afterwards! Ms. Cellaneous, The Unknown Attorney