Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Is 15 Minutes of Fame Too Much?

A 2-minute clip posted on YouTube got Alex DePue a gig with Steve Vai on the rock guitarist's upcoming tour.

We thought we should try to post some MYO material on YouTube. It would be a great way for far-away friends and relatives to see what we're up to. Maybe we'll collect some stuff at the party on August 4. I know Nick is thinking of bringing an instrument or two. Bring yours--student, parent, friend--and join in!

How did the Really Terrible Orchestra come to be? Was it an accident or a plan? In the Rocky Mountain News, Marc Shugold points out that
"...being adorably atrocious is tricky - it demands an earnest striving to hit all the notes, but with results that must border on the amusing without being dull or overly painful."
Mr. Shugold guides us to similar talents:
Mrs. Miller
Florence Foster Jenkins

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