Monday, July 2, 2007

Fiddlin' Up Worms

In the mid-eighties we hiked into an oxbow lake that was home to several kinds of woodpeckers, including a nest of pileated woodpeckers. The area had recently been hit by a tornado, so much clambering was involved to get there and we never saw the nest. But the trip is memorable because of a fascinating encounter. On the way out we kept hearing the oddest sound, a sort of thrumming vibration. Eventually we came upon two gentleman running a handsaw back and forth across a stump. They informed us that they were 'fiddlin' up worms'. Now I find that orchestral instruments are used to the same effect in the World Worm Charming Championships. (Check the photo gallery!) Perhaps MYO could 'fiddle up worms' and sell them as a fundraiser!

Also fiddled up this morning:
A rather grim assessment of the state of classical music from Edward Rothstein in the New York Times.

The Moscow Times reports that Belarus was told to buy a better instrument for one of their competitors in the Tchaikovsky Competition.

Nicholas Kenyon, director of the BBC Proms, argues in the Guardian for their cultural significance.

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