Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Concert 'Newbies', Please!

I was delighted to have Chris, Matt, and Peter Leitten take MYO's offer to join me at the ASO concert last night. The company, like the performance, was excellent.

Justin Brown's comments during the Concert Notes about the ideal size of the orchestra for the hall were interesting. He said the Strauss piece beginning the concert required additional musicians to bring the ASO up to about 80--his stated ideal for that venue. The Mahler Symphony #1 increased that number to 100, with the promised increase in volume. So Nick and I are hoping for MYO to grow too big for the Alys Stephens Center. Hmm.

*Mr. Brown has corrected me on the numbers (Thank you!!):
The Strauss piece used about 70 players, which was what I said was my target size for the ASO. The Mahler added a few more brasses and percussion, bringing the figure up to about 80. 100 musicians is the (approximate) size of the Boston Symphony, NYPO, etc., a size that I don’t think is realistic or necessary for our orchestra (or for our hall).

The Leittens are eager for MYO to tackle the Mahler;), but we all agreed we need to concentrate on next week's concert first.

After the concert the couple beside us complemented me on the Leittens' behavior, causing a headache as I struggled not to roll my eyes. Please. The Leittens, like the rest of MYO, are professionals. The couple then made a few snarky comments about the poor behavior of the young people behind us.

I had chatted briefly with these almost-twenty-somethings when they asked me if the lights going up meant intermission. It was a large group of 8 or so, with more scattered throughout the hall. For most, it was their first symphony concert--and they weren't there as a requirement for a class. Yes, they were squirmy, a bit noisy, and occasionally clapped at the wrong time. (Oh, horrors!) But I was so delighted they were there to see that marvelous performance. I wish I had had my MYO business cards (currently pinned to Nick's bulletin board) to pass out. I would have offered to personally buy their next ticket to the symphony. This is how an orchestra grows its audience! Such an exciting concert is how young people discover a love for this music.

That's probably what MYO should try to do. When we all go to the concerts, we should bring along a person--young or old--who has never been to an ASO concert. Anyone out there who is in that category and would like to join us, drop me an email.

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