Thursday, September 13, 2007

Musicians are Good Sports

Andrew Taylor of the Artful Manager suggests a 'fantasy orchestra' league. In the comments for that post, Derek Kwan points to the Fantasy Music League.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Symphony has introduced musician trading cards.
"...the cards shine a spotlight on players who often seem hidden in a sea of black and white, said oboe player Colin Gatwood...

...They also might have the same kind of effect on a middle-school band player that baseball cards had on Johnson, he said. They were an inspiration.

"For any interested young musician, it's the same thing," he said. "They get a violinist card, a trumpet card, whatever, they won't forget it."

In Korea, classical music is an essential element of pop music:
"...classical music has become a major source of inspiration for the country's songwriters, through the means of sampling: the practice of capturing segments of existing recordings and including the captured "samples" in a new work. In fact, one of widespread beliefs among pop stars and album producers is that sampling well-known classical tunes is the surest guarantee of a song's commercial success."
Photo by Michelle Holland.

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