Monday, December 10, 2007

About Scrollworks

The following went out as an email to all parents and students today:

This is the third version of this I've attempted. It's hard not to say too much.

Scrollworks. A community music school. The first after-school classes for underprivileged children begin January 8.

Please read about it here.

Tell us what you think.

It's been Nick's dream for years. I have been easing into it—until the SBYO at the Proms fired me up.
But the true inspiration is YOU, the members of the MYO youth orchestras. We want to give every child that twinkle you have in your eye at rehearsal, the joy that you share with the audience when you play. Performances like the one we just did at Children's Hospital should happen often and should include young musicians from the entire metro area.

We think you can see how important an effort like this is, the significant cultural changes that could result. We need your help to make it happen:

  • Donations.

    We have a pledge of $35,000. We need $50,000 more for the first semester. Anything you can give will help.

    There's also a button on the MYO web page and on each of the blogs. Or you can mail a check to: MYO, PO Box 130877, Birmingham, 35213.
    Since tax-deductibility is retroactive, these contributions should be deductible once our 501c3 application is approved in 2008.

    And please connect us with those who might want to donate. Please forward a link to this post.

  • Volunteers.

    We would love for our orchestra students to get involved as teaching assistants—and several have already said they would.
    We need help with fund raising, publicity, photography, videography, the website and blogs, setting up the music library, researching school locations and performance venues.
    You probably have a skill that you have seen we need. Tell us what you want to do.

  • Promote Scrollworks.

    Recruit for everything—orchestras, performances, classes, donations.
    Pass out fliers, put up posters.
    Let us know where we should place ads.
    Link to us on your web pages.

  • The Easy Stuff.

    Subscribe to the blog emails.
    Visit the blogs often.

  • Other Stuff.

    Donate instruments, chairs, music stands, office supplies, snacks.
    We're looking for a place to park the construction trailer we would like to use as our office.

  • Thanks so much!


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