Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm moving in with the Grinch this year

Violent Acres never minces words, a rarity in the hot-air filled blogosphere. This post expresses better than I ever could why I'm so burned out on the 'holidays'. For 25 years I played the game, to the point that the first twinkling lights make me cringe with dread at the coming work and expense. No decorations, no gifts, no fancy food at my house this year--and it is a delicious relief.
"We’ve been watching too many commercials, people. Slick advertising has convinced us that buying things for each other is the only way to show our love. In our mass hysteria to pick out the very perfect gift, we’ve forgotten the true measure of our relationships is how we treat each other...

...I want people to keep their money, pay their bills, and enjoy a holiday season without the stress of New Year’s debt. I want them to realize that their presence in the lives of those they love, through good times and bad, is worth far more than any possible gift they could buy. I want them to get out of this trap they seem to be in where presents are either insults or validations of their personal relationships."

So many of you have given me a gift of true friendship this year, and that will keep me warm long past New Year's. Thank you!

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