Friday, December 28, 2007

Punctuation Drives Blog Traffic: Today, 'super adventure club' equals a period

It's somewhat depressing that one pours one's passion into a blog only to get huge spikes in traffic when one mentions a celebrity in passing. I was thrilled when my traffic went up, only to find everyone was coming for my post on Bob Marley, Will Smith, and 'I am Legend'. Hewy over at No Sleep in Helena Alabama says his traffic jumped when he mentioned that Bo Bice's house was for sale.

So I propose that us low-traffic bloggers use the top Google search terms as punctuation marks. This is how that would look for one of my passionate posts if today's top two terms replaced the period and the comma:
And the donor 'super adventure club' I think every donor wants their money to go directly to the program 'super adventure club' Some money has to go into operations and fund raising 'arizona millionaire raffle' but the slimmer the organization 'arizona millionaire raffle' the less that has to be 'super adventure club' I know one organization that spent 1/3 of the amount received from grants on the salary of the grant writer 'super adventure club' That person earned every penny 'arizona millionaire raffle' but 'arizona millionaire raffle' to me 'arizona millionaire raffle' that indicates something about the process is not working 'super adventure club' Maybe the applications weren't done as well as others 'arizona millionaire raffle' maybe the grants applied for weren't a good fit 'arizona millionaire raffle' but time 'arizona millionaire raffle' effort 'arizona millionaire raffle' and money was wasted on both sides 'super adventure club' If it's that much of a game 'arizona millionaire raffle' I don't want to play 'super adventure club'

Just kidding. It doesn't do any good to draw traffic that doesn't share your passion. Most won't read past their search term.


BloggerToo said...

I totally understand your point. I had one post about Britney Spears the other day and it was probably only a few sentences long. It got me so much traffic it was unbelievable. But what you said is true that they do not even read your post. It is just a dry momentary traffic. Good luck.

Jeane Goforth said...

Yes, and on my blog, I posted about the 100 dishes to eat in Alabama before you die. Traffic through the roof. At least it was a worthwhile topic!

Anonymous said...

Jeane: How well does the traffic stick? Do people engage in the comments? Do they subscribe? Do they become engaged?

Jeane Goforth said...

The traffic drawn by popular search terms, in general, does not stick. Subscriptions go up by a couple, those who accidentally happen to be interested. So it's like eating chocolate, feels good at the time, but not healthy in the long run.