Saturday, December 15, 2007

Music can infect the world with love

Went to see "I Am Legend" last night. Being a fan of the book by Richard Matheson and The Omega Man since high school (a long time ago!), I enjoyed this version tremendously.

Bob Marley and Legend his album are part of the plot. At one point in the movie, Will Smith as Robert Neville, virologist, talks about how Bob Marley thought that the world could be changed by infecting it with music and love. That sure struck a chord with me. He also quotes Bob Marley, who performed at a concert two days after being shot in an assassination attempt, as saying (and I paraphrase), " The bad people trying to make the world worse don't take a day off, so why should I?"

Here's what Will Smith says in an article by Fred Topel:
"That Bob Marley Legend album actually is my favorite album so it just connected with me that concept of Bob Marley having the virologist sort of idea of trying to cure hate with music. That idea just exploded in my mind about two weeks into production. It just fit perfectly that idea of lighting up the darkness. It was one of those perfect opportunities when something had already lived inside of you fits perfectly with a character and a situation. That was my little treat."

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