Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Skeptical of Charities? I Know You Should Be!

An article by Kevin Begos in MSNBC's series 'Contribute' talks about serious problems in non-profits:
Just about anything goes — an unregulated, unpoliced free-for-all in which anything might be happening to donor dollars, with anything short of blatant allegations of legal wrongdoing unlikely to be exposed...

I tried. Most frustrating experience of my life.
“These are times that try nonprofit souls,” says New York University Professor Paul Light. “It used to be that the nonprofit sector had the benefit of the doubt from donors. But not anymore. Donor confidence is shaky. Americans have come to believe that there is some sort of leaky bucket that no matter who they give to, some of the money will be lost through waste, inefficiency, and high executive salaries.”

Been there.
Kramer, citing a survey he did for the Gates Foundation, says more donors today are becoming increasingly skeptical of the traditional nonprofit system and would rather start their own nonprofits than trust their money to an existing one.

Done that.
...nonprofit dollars can be consumed in a variety of never-intended ways, from funding excessive executive salaries to increased expenses tied to retaining existing donors and keeping new ones from walking out the door.

Never at Scrollworks.

Salaries? Let's make sure our teachers and staff are fairly compensated. Period.

The industry of chasing money? We don't want to go there. You can help with that by donating if you can when we ask--and by spreading the word.

Scrollworks has been formed by regular people who see a tremendous need for music education and a tremendous potential to benefit our community. We are not non-profit professionals and don't want to be. Our books, plans, meetings and classes are open to everyone at any time. We welcome your input. You know a better way to do it? Come show us how!

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