Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tom's Philanthropy 2.0 = My Anti-philanthropy?

Tom at The Benefactor Project definitely has strong opinions. I really like his idea of Philanthropy 2.0.
Here's part of his suggested comments for his guerrilla marketing campaign:
About 'philanthropy' sites and blogs. You will run across many sites that like to talk about
philanthropy. They don't actually 'do' anything except talk philanthropy and what rich people
should do with their money so it's OK to call their bluff. They are mostly blow hards that are
themselves trying to get some rich person to pay attention and give money to their projects
but unlike this project they want to make profits off of the poor and needy. If any charity or non
profit doesn't put the wages of the people running it on line, out in the open, they are just
scamming people. Give them a hard time. Particularly a site called Tactical Philanthropy.

This is Philanthropy 2.0 and anyone that isn't up front about what they do with their money is
just ripping people off.

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