Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Utopian Thinking

I've picked up a new book that has me hooked at page 5--and that's just the introduction. It's Releasing the Imagination by Maxine Greene:
"We acknowledge the harshness of situations only when we have in mind another state of affairs in which things would be better. Similarly, it may only be when we think of humane and liberating classrooms in which every learner is recognized and sustained in her or his struggle to learn how to learn that we can perceive the insufficiency of bureaucratized, uncaring schools. And it may be only then that we are moved to chose to repair or renew.
What I am describing here is a mode of utopian thinking: thinking that refuses mere compliance, that looks down roads not yet taken to the shapes of a more fulfilling social order, to more vibrant ways of being in the world..."

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