Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Guts, Games, and Gumption

At the request of 'btc' in a comment on an earlier post, I will explain my "gut feelings" about Scrollworks.

My instinct is that we need to act--get in there and start teaching and see what happens. It is a inevitable that we will be surprised, no matter how detailed our plans. So beyond developing an identity, sketching out a strategy and a basic budget, I think planning is a waste of precious time.
We've tried to follow the suggested outlines in the books or to fill out application forms and our idea just doesn't fit--a Koch snowflake can't be measured in a Euclidean dimension.
My gut feelings tell me it is wrong to change what we want to do in order to fill in the blanks designed for the typical, the average, the everyday.
New ideas, the ones that generate real change, are unexpected, surprising, don't look like anything that came before, can't answer the usual questions.
We want an organization that will be infinitely flexible and adaptable: an ever-changing fractal, an infinite game.
How we are going to explain that to most people, I don't know.
How many can or will take the time to read everything Margaret Wheatley ever wrote, Mr. Carse's 'Finite and Infinite Games', and 'Nexus' by Mark Buchanan before deciding the worth of our plan?
We're scared to death: the kids might not be interested, the community might reject our efforts, we may not be able to create the network we many doubts. How can we convince anyone to take such a risk with us?
But it's also exciting and exhilarating, an exploration, an experiment. How can you not want to be involved?
Come on, join in the game!

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