Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Cat

This is Johannes (as in Brahms). Molly calls him Jo-jo. We call him 'kitty'. He's a 3 1/2 legged cat, having been hit by a car. Molly adopted him from her job at the Inverness Animal Clinic where Dr. Strickland has a kind heart.
Jo-jo will go back to Louisville with Molly, but in the meantime is making our lives very interesting.

Although the dogs try very hard to ignore the cat, their prey instinct kicks in as it chases string across the kitchen. Using a flashlight, we convinced Darwin that the cat causes lightening, so now he won't be in the same room with it. He's a big dog and we have a very small house. When the cat snuck in the bedroom with the dogs last night, Darwin got in the shower.

Today we have the peace of a Mexican stand-off. Darwin is snoring from exhaustion due to stress. Tesla thinks squirrels are much easier to herd so has retired to the yard. Libby is torn between wanting to play and wanting to kill. And an undetermined canine made a statement by 'marking' the cat's litter box. Jo-jo's golden eyes take it all in.

We will be cat-free on Sunday. Everyone will be both glad and sad.

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